Friday, May 6, 2011

Basic English teaching for Latin America 1/2 - beginners

This is a very interesting series of English lessons.

Basic English 1

My name is Otto. I am Jonh, I am your English teacher. I am forty years old and I am American...

Basic English 2

Now let´s learn Yes/No questions. Paolo is a doctor. Paolo, are you a doctor?,...

Basic English 3

Adjectives: Black car -Here black describes the color of the car,...
The Demostrative Pronouns: This, These, That, Those.

Basic English 4

Months of the year. The numbers. Present Simple.

Basic English 5

Here we are to learn about Food, I like / I don´t like, the verb TO DO, Verb TO HAVE, and the possessives pronouns.

Basic English 6

Paolo what a surprise!, Are you working here? yes Mr. John, I work here, this is my fruit store,...

There Is, There are

Basic English 7

Prepositions: In, On, AT.

Prepositions: Under, On, Over, next to, in front of, behind, between, among.

Basic English 8

Questions: Interrogative adjectives.

Basic English 9

The Present Progressive.

Basic English 10

The possessive.